A concerted effort of the Lone Wolf Role-Playing Google+ community, SGAM occurs for the duration of November, and is dedicated to the enjoyment of solitaire tabletop gaming.

SGAM 2018

Use the #SGAM and #SGAM2018 tags on social media to join in!

Week 1: Shared Story Structure

One possible theme for SGAM 2017 is the shared story seed and elements. Again, feel free to join in, but don’t feel obligated – solo play is about doing it your way!

Zero Tarot

+Chris Stieha used Todd Zircher’s Zero Tarot to create a set of images that we can all draw from to drive our story.

Zero Tarot

Interpret these how you will. Do they set up the story? Do they describe the story arc? Do you focus on the images? The names? The interpretations?
It is all up to you!