A concerted effort of the Lone Wolf Role-Playing community, SGAM occurs for the duration of November, and is dedicated to the enjoyment of solitaire tabletop gaming.

SGAM 2020

Use the #SGAM and #SGAM2020 tags on social media to join in!

Google+ Sunsetting in August 2019

As you may well know, the Google+ team recently announced the sunset of Google+. This has been a real bummer for the vibrant RPG community there, and of course, the Lone Wolf Roleplaying group. In August of 2019, G+ will shut its doors!

Now What??

The question we’ve all been asking ourselves: what’s next? Unfortunately, there’s no easy or unanimous answer. For now, we’re all testing the waters of various other platforms:

Hang in there, and hopefully we’ll all being staying connected throughout the Google+ sunset and beyond.