A concerted effort of the Lone Wolf Role-Playing community, SGAM occurs for the duration of November, and is dedicated to the enjoyment of solitaire tabletop gaming.

SGAM 2020

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SGAM 2017 Wrap Up: The Zach Bestiary, a collection of 36 NPCs for any game

Every year in November, solo gamers and game creators come together to celebrate Solo Gamer Appreciation Month. It’s a little bit of NaNoWriMo and little bit of NaGaDeMon combined to inspire solo gamers to create tools, share actual play reports, and channel their creativity.

In 2017 we lost one of our own, Zach Best of Conjecture Games. To honor him, the Lone Wolf Roleplaying community on Google Plus decided to dedicate this year’s efforts to him. Visit DriveThruRPG to find some of the tools that he created and to help his family.

What you will find here are 36 characters that were created based on prompts from Zach’s UNE, the Universal NPC Emulator. The UNE is a system-less tool for creating non-player characters that you can use to populate your games. The members of the community donated their time to create these NPCs for the readers to use in their own stories and games.

Feel free to pick and chose which characters you want or alter them to fit your needs. If you desire something more random, each card is numbered 11 to 66, roll two dice and read them as a two digit number. So, a roll of 5 and 2 would indicate card 52 (aka Brother Brown the monk.)

To be fair to the contributors (since some of them are actually using these characters in their own games), the material presented here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Thank you to all the members of the Lone Wolf Roleplaying group for making this project a success.

Todd Zircher, editor and contributor

Check out the Zach Bestiary Here