A concerted effort of the Lone Wolf Role-Playing Google+ community, SGAM occurs for the duration of November, and is dedicated to the enjoyment of solitaire tabletop gaming.

SGAM 2018

Use the #SGAM and #SGAM2018 tags on social media to join in!

SGAM 2018 Project/Challenge Survey Results

Last year, we dedicated SGAM to the memory of the late Zach Best and his contributions to solo gaming through his publishing company, Conjecture Games. While we hope you’ll remember Zack again this year and try out UNE or CRGE in your solo game, for 2018 we opened suggestions to the Lone Wolf Roleplaying community and +Todd Zircher compiled the suggestions into a survey for voting on a group project and selected challenges for the month.


The results are in, and the theme for SGAM 2018 is Story Seeds:

Project Choices RESPONSES
Story Seeds - roll three game icons (using a free web site) and describe a starting scene. 75.00%
Fantastic Locations collection 40.63%
The Book of Clues - collect locations and then offer six or more clues/traps that you can find there. 37.50%
SGAM Oracle - collect interesting questions and then offer six or more custom answers to each. 37.50%
Zach Bestiary II - random NPCs along with some teaser text based on Zach’s tools. 15.63%
Imaginary Beasts collection 15.63%
Amazing Vehicles collection 9.38%
Really, all the options are great. 3.13%

Story Seeds

Roll three game icons (using a free web site) and describe a starting scene.


Challenge Choices RESPONSES
New & Shiny - Play a game or genre that you have never played before. 59.38%
Hybrid Game - take a small board game or card game and use it as driver for a solo RPG experience. 46.88%
More & Less - Play two solo adventures; the first using more tools than you’ve ever used and in the second adventure use less tools than you’ve ever used. 37.50%
Bucket List - Grab an RPG from the dawn of gaming (70s and 80s). 34.38%
SGAM Dare - Design or finish up a solo game in a week (individuals or teams okay.) 21.88%
Grand Finale - finish a game that got set aside or (with permission) finish someone else’s game. 21.88%
ResponsesOther (please specify) 6.25%
- Introduce someone to solo gaming.  
- Solo DIY  

Sharpen your pencils and polish your dice, SGAM kicks off in just a few more days!