A concerted effort of the Lone Wolf Role-Playing community, SGAM occurs for the duration of November, and is dedicated to the enjoyment of solitaire tabletop gaming.

SGAM 2020

Use the #SGAM and #SGAM2020 tags on social media to join in!

Solo Gaming Appreciation Month

Solo Gaming Appreciation Month (SGAM) is a community effort to revive the efforts of +John Fiore to get people to show solo gaming a little love. SGAM was started by John on his (now private) Solo Nexus blog in November of 2011 – because of the 11/11 date – and he thought it would end there. The idea, however, was resurrected in 2015 by +Steven Lincoln at the Lone Wolf Role-Playing G+ community and has continued annually since.

While John never anticipated that it would go past that first month, amazing people like +Alex Yari, +Chris Stieha, and everyone else at the
Lone Wolf Role-Playing G+ community keep the torch burning!

Google+ Sunset

As you may well know, the Google+ team recently announced the sunset of Google+. This has been a real bummer for the vibrant RPG community there, and of course, the Lone Wolf Roleplaying group. In August of 2019, G+ will shut its doors!

New Home?

The question we’ve all been asking ourselves: what’s next? Unfortunately, there’s no easy or unanimous answer. For now, we’re all testing the waters of various other platforms:

But, What is SGAM?

It mostly consists of players engaging in solitaire role-playing games, board games, card games, wargames, or other “tabletop” games then writing about and sharing their play sessions online – called “actual play reports” (or just “actual play” or “AP”).

Some folks also dedicate the month to inventing cool new tools and additions to their solo gaming experiments and sharing those with the community.

Solo Gaming?

If you’re new to solo gaming, you may be wondering what it is!

The often-recommended response to that question is to check out the getting started and solo RPG resources pages on +Sophia Brandt’s Die Heart blog.

Here is the community’s attempt at a definition:

  1. Solo Gaming: A hobby of many hats! Be the Game Master, Play the Hero, Create a World!
  2. Solo gaming is a hobby embodying aspects of tabletop gaming, world building and a wide range of creative pursuits. All at your own pace and geared toward your interests.
  3. Solo Gaming: The only time “playing with yourself” won’t be labeled NSFW!

OK, So… What do I do?

If you play games (primarily tabletop role-playing games) solo, or ever wanted to or wished you could, you can contribute to SGAM by

  1. Give it a try! Engage in play or create something for solo gamers. Examples:
    • Actual Play Reports
    • Chart of random things
    • A game designed for 1 player
    • more ideas
  2. Share it on social media with the #SGAM and/or #SGAM2020 hashtags.
  3. Check us out on Google+ at the Lone Wolf Role-Playing community. There’s a category there with more information.